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PACKstory: Wapo adds tin ties to its world class flexible packaging

Wapo, one of the Asian region's primary providers of flexible packaging, including a wide array of bags for foodstuffs, has introduced a simple adjunct to its product lines to provide consumers with an easy to use sealing mechanism.

Wapo receives ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP Code:2003 food safety certifications

Wapo recently received two prestigious food quality and control certifications, further demonstrating the company's great commitment to upholding sound packaging practices in order to ensure the best possible company, client, and industry outcomes. Wapo received these most recent ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP Code:2003 certifications in September.

PACKstory: Wapo's Laminated Bags and One-Way Valves

Everything in the world is under pressure, and products contained within packaging even more so. The problem is, differences in altitude can cause massive pressure differences, as can natural changes in product composition over time, meaning some products also may release gas on their own. Wapo has created a number of solutions that cater to pressure variations.

Wapo adds a new cylinder technique to create crystal clear text on flexible containers

Wapo, in its continued efforts to provide the finest products to all customers, has recently introduced a new cylinder technique to its decorating line, so that minuscule text or graphics can be printed perfectly onto flexible packaging rolls. The new technique allows companies to print even very small text or tiny graphic designs more sharply, vividly, and attractively.

Beauty masks: Wapo provides protection for beauty products

Nutrient treatments for facial beauty care are very popular in today's market, and consumers are continuously seeking a more convenient way to apply these products to the face. Wapo offers advanced packaging solutions for facial care, consisting of a nutrient covered fabric applicators which are wrapped to eliminate air contamination.