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PACKstory: Vacuum Pack Bags

For a long time now, companies have been using flexible plastics to create laminated bags and pouches for a variety of products. In theory, when bags are vacuum sealed, they offer maximum protection for the products contained within. Fresh foodstuffs (such as seafood, meats, fruits, or vegetables) have always been especially sensitive, and though refrigerators can extend food storage times, they can only be of use for so long. Storing fresh foods at room temperature, a more practical and energy-efficient solution, seems to be a better bet.

And that's exactly what Taiwanese firm Wapo has done with the introduction of its Nylon vacuum-pack bags, for a range of products and needs.

The company exports its materials directly from Japan's Unitika company, a renowned producer of cutting edge polymers, textiles, fibres, and more. With a top-quality starting point, Wapo creates vacuum-pack bags that offer incredible general gas barriers while allowing for moderate oxygen transpiration, meaning products (particularly foods) are not attacked by caustic gasses or are unexposed to premature oxidation.

Further, when vacuum-sealed, the bags are puncture resistant, water resistant, and vapour resistant. They extend the shelf life of a product immensely, and by reducing moisture loss, extend product freshness as well. They can even be used in sub-zero storage without becoming brittle or bursting due to expansion, thanks to the top quality, Nylon used.

Consumers appreciate the concept because it's a novel approach to storing foods on their shelves that previously would have been unthinkable. Companies  are ecstatic over the bags, as they no longer have to deal with premature product deterioration, packages bursting after freezing, or high costs for elaborate and unnecessary solutions.

With their Nylon vacuum-pack bags, Wapo has managed to make just about everyone happy!