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PACKstory: Wapo adds tin ties to its world class flexible packaging

Finding the right solution for a food product can be tricky. The materials used to contain comestibles must be fully compatible and provide a safe environment, offering freshness for as long as possible. Wapo, one of the Asian region's primary providers of flexible packaging, including a wide array of bags for foodstuffs, has introduced a simple adjunct to its product lines to provide consumers with an easy to use sealing mechanism.

The paradigm is one that's well known to shoppers worldwide - that of the tin tie. Many bags with loose food items contained within use tin ties to keep products protected from an exterior environment, extending in-home shelf life and ensuring spills are minimized. By combining this simple closure method with exceptionally high quality, Wapo has managed to complete its offering for the food industry and respond to client requests.

Though food producers often use laminated packaging with resealable plastic zippers, not every bag can be produced with one. The cost of incorporating zippers into bags can also be prohibitive if top notch materials are considered. Tin ties, on the other hand, can be affixed to bags of any size and any material, cutting down on specialized packaging costs.



Consumers also generally find tin ties easier to use. Plastic zipper bags can be difficult to thread initially whereas tin ties only require a bit of folding. Also, by adjusting the amount folded, the bags can adapt to diminishing quantities, something zipper bags can't do.

Another benefit to companies is the simple fact that affixing tin ties to bags is an extremely quick process. This translates into shorter lead times, faster filling and sealing, and speedier deliveries.

Wapo specializes in providing packaging that uses rotogravure printing, laminating, slitting, and pouch-making in a wide range of raw materials including NYLON, PET, Aluminum, CPP, PE, paper, and many, many more. The company, by combining the world's best bags with a simple, inexpensive, and reclosable sealing solution, has once again confirmed its leadership in the flexible packaging space.