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Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition

One of the greatest international packaging exhibitions in the world
Tokyo Pack, the Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition, has been held biennially since the first exhibition in 1966, and there have been 21 exhibitions to date. Tokyo Pack is the largest packaging exhibition in the Asian region, and it attracts the attention of everyone engaged in packaging both in Japan and abroad. Tokyo Pack is a festival of packaging with a collection of the top technologies from the world.

General exhibition includes all kinds of packaging
Tokyo Pack is a general exhibition that systematically displays all the packaging lines from converting machinery, food processing machines, and packaging-related equipment to distribution and material handling equipment, and environmentally conscious machinery and equipment. The emphasis is on packaging materials and machinery

Over 500 firms from Japan and abroad exhibit at Tokyo Pack

Tokyo Pack, held at Tokyo Big Sight as a key event for more than 500 packaging manufacturers and converters, plays a major role in public relations, revitalization and development of the packaging industry.

Over 200,000 visitors for Tokyo Pack

As a platform of business transactions among exhibitors as well as technical exchanges or marketing chances among packaging related people, Tokyo Pack serves as a packaging information source point with more than 200,000 visitors from various sectors during the exhibition period.

Challenges that industries are faced with Tokyo Pack clearly displays efforts for solving the current problems that face the packaging-related sectors. In recent years, Tokyo Pack has met the challenges of various problems including environmental protection and universal designs. The responses to these challenges have been introduced as new products and ideas, and these have attracted the great interest of visitors to Tokyo Pack.