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Beauty masks: Wapo provides protection for beauty products

Nowadays people are in constant motion every minute of every day. Whether it be from one city to another or intercontinental travel, people carry their belongings with them all around the world, and packaging companies need to introduce improved solutions for carrying these items. This is especially true for beauty products.

Nutrient treatments for facial beauty care are very popular in today's market, and consumers are continuously seeking a more convenient way to apply these products to the face. The typical process of applying a solution to fabric and then patching it on the face for a 15 minute beauty session is both quick and easy, leaving little mess to clean up as consumers simply toss away when done using.

Wapo has helped many skin care manufacturers to properly produce these types of fabric and nutrient packs. Based in Taiwan, Wapo develops advanced techniques to package solutions from Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan. The company does this by wrapping a nutrient covered fabric in order to create a barrier that stops light and air from getting in. This also allows consumers to tear off the packaging and apply a fresh liquid solution to the skin. Wapo uses PET and OPP materials as they are good moisture barriers and provide low temperature resistance. 

Printing on the cover should be clear and include a brand value claim. Equally important, the back print must be easily legible so that consumers can carefully read instructions before applying the mask. Wapo’s rotogravure printing process is used to make sure that the text doesn't bleed, resulting in a perfectly readable label.

Luis Cheng, Wapo Sales Director, notes that the beauty mask market in Asia is growing faster than ever, with consumers continuously looking for the next best thing. Beauty and cosmetics packaging solutions coming from Wapo’s production line are officially underway.