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PACKstory: Wapo's Laminated Bags and One-Way Valves

Everything in the world is under pressure, and products contained within packaging even more so. The problem is, differences in altitude can cause massive pressure differences, as can natural changes in product composition over time, meaning some products also may release gas on their own. Customers need high barrier packaging to protect contained products.

This is one one of the primary reasons that Wapo, a Taiwanese firm specializing in flexible packaging solutions, has created a number of solutions that cater to pressure variations.

The company's standard solution is its line of laminated bags, which provide excellent protection for products that don't require an exocasing to avoid product breakage, such as loose foods, personal care products, and more. Flavours and moisture are retained thanks to the excellent barrier properties of the bags' aluminum composition, ensuring consumers enjoy products that are pretty much the same as when they left the filling line, even after some time on the shelf.

As the bags are normally vacuum-sealed, they are not subject to pressure variations, making this a simple, effective, and inexpensive solution that's sufficient for most standard products.

On the other hand, some products change in composition over time, producing gasses that can prove catastrophic if subjected to pressure changes. No store owner wants to receive a crate of burst bags, or products that have had a noticeable change in quality during shipment. That's why Wapo offers a line of premium laminated bags that incorporate an ingenious one-way valve into them. The valve allows gasses that build up within the bag to be released through the valve in order to ensure internal pressure never builds up to a point where the bag bursts. Miraculously, it does this without permitting external gasses or moisture from making their way into the bag, ensuring the contained product always retains its original composition and doesn't spoil prematurely or take on the unfavourable characteristics of the external environment. Nobody wants a >Regardless of the solution selected, Wapo's bags are strong, light, and durable. We recommend using them on your next packaging project. but hey........no pressure.